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Bombing ISIL will do nothing but tactically contain ISIL while swelling their recruitment ranks. ISIL wants us to engage with them militarily for this and other reasons.

We need additionally/instead to stop their supply of money, weapons, and fighters.

To stop the supply of money, we need to pressure Saud to end their (private) support of ISIL and support of Syrian rebel fighters. To stop the supply of arms, we need to stop arming FSA, stop Saud from arming ISIL and Syrian factions, and restart diplomacy with Syria, Iran, and Russia to pressure Assad to reduce (it worked with chemical weapons) and engage with united arms embargo to calm Syrian civil war. This could help with Ukraine by building trust. Those moderate rebels we plan to train and arm are the ones who sold those hostages to ISIL. To stop the supply of fighters in Iraq we need to work with Iraq to end the Shia oppression of Sunnis in Iraq.

If we only bomb, without implementing other solutions, it WILL get worse. ISIL is not currently a credible threat to our homeland, but if we keep escalating without any other approach to stop growth, it sure could become one.

See also: Is There a Diplomatic Solution to ISIS Crisis? U.S. Could Turn to Aid, Arms Embargo & Engaging Foes

See also: The Speech on Diplomacy That Obama Should Have Given Last Night
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